Bobby's an obsessed gun collector. One morning he murders his wife and mother. In the afternoon of the same day, he shoots more people from an oil tank on the nearby highway. The scene is from the 1968 movie Targets by Peter Bogdanovich. Fifty years later I visited this place in Los Angeles for this picture. It's another look at my 2009 Cinema series.

Targets (2018)

2011 – Improvised Meditation

2003 – Search And Destroy

1991 – Operator

1991 – air raid shelter attack

2017 – 1977 waren über 70 Prozent meiner Bekannten Sympathisanten der RAF. Warum?

1998 - Museumsorgel

1989 – Kreuzfeuer

2017 - Glory Hole

2005 – Headquarter

2017 – Verrat


Complaining that our experience of the world is only mediated and manipulated by the media has become a common place in the fine arts. Clemens Mitscher succeeds in potentiating this perception disorder more than just postmodern or demonizing it fundamentally. He prefers to work on frozen sequences from the television, for example from the CNN video clip of the bombing of the Iraqi command bunker. Already this is enough, but for him the sequence turns into a beautiful, almost abstract picture. Its origin, the real and equally the media reality, can only be recognized through hidden references....more

1991 – RAWARM

1993 - Solinger Küche

2013 - 28 Cent

2011/2017 Frau B.

2016 – Durchsuchungsbeschluss (search warrant)

2018 – Out Of Order Execution